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Orams Marine Village is home to a 310-vessel dry stack, international superyacht slipway, vessel repair yard, marine services centre and conference lounge.

Orams Marine Village is the company that owns and leases space to businesses in its village complex on the Auckland waterfront. Companies in the village, including Orams Marine Services, are independently owned and operated.

Orams Marine Village is majority owned by Ariadne Marinas Oceania Limited, an investment company that is a subsidiary of Ariadne Australia Limited. Ariadne is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and has headquarters in Brisbane. With operations in Australia and New Zealand, Ariadne specialises in marine infrastructure ownership and operations, car park infrastructure operations, management of resorts and apartments, property development and asset and financial services management.

The Board of Directors and Ariadne management have extensive experience in general investments, property, merchant banking and facilities management.

Orams Marine Village has been part of the Auckland waterfront for the past 35 years and is now a base for 30 marine specialist businesses. Ariadne intends to develop the village further and remain a valued member of New Zealand’s marine sector and the Auckland waterfront family.

For more information on Ariadne visit Ariadne Australia Limited

Orams Marine Village
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