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13 Dec 2010

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter

The Orams’ team has caught the festive spirit and Boat Park operator Arena Parangi was quick to get his head around it. From the crew: “Happy holidays!”

The sun is shining, the wind is bearable and the fish have been biting – what a great run up to the holiday season for those lucky enough to get out on the water.

We have been a tad busy here with the refurbishment of the Captain’s library and lounge, the upgrade of the slipway and the reconfiguration of the marina. But our turn for a spot of fishing is coming and with the tips for catching, keeping them fresh and preparing raw fish in this newsletter, we should be all well prepared.

Following on from the successful Orams mini boat show, we have welcomed Nathan to the team as a boat park operator. Nathan’s been around boats – his parents owned a Sea Ray 315 - so he understands your needs.

We also have some news of a new provisioning service starting in mid-January. Before then it is Christmas and you need to make sure you have booked in to get your boat in the water during our Christmas operating hours.

If I don’t see you around the village let me wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and a happy holiday season. Keep safe out there.


Slipway upgrade & custom cradle ready

Orams Boatpark

The completion of a $1.4 million refurbishment of its 600 tonne slipway and new $600,000 custom built cradle means that Orams Marine Village is positioned to cater for the strong demand for maintenance and refits in Auckland, including newer and bigger superyachts. Read more

New business in the harbour

Orams Boatpark

Anyone at Orams recently would have seen a bright red, jet boat in the dry stack. It belongs to a new business called Auckland Adventure Jet

After moving from Timaru to Auckland, Auckland Adventure Jet's CEO Paul McCauley saw an opportunity ... Read more

Provisioning service makes get away easier

Orams Boatpark

The finishing touches are being put to a boat provisioning facility to launch for Boat Park members in mid-January.

At the helm is Dominic Hodge and David Booth who are running the conference centre (pictured above). Both gents have extensive experience gained though many years on superyachts…Read more

Aye, aye captain, she's shipshape

The Power Boat

Many members will have seen that the Captain's Library and Harbourview Lounge have had a makeover.

The summery aqua theme, with splashes of complementary colours, is both modern and refreshing.

Don't forget, All Boat Park members are entitled to a 15% discount ... Read more

Malcolm's Work Up

Fishing for snappers in early December was lucrative with the warmer water temperatures and the schoolies gathering to spawn.

James Howard caught this 17lb snapper south of Kawau on December 4 in 25 metres using Fireline 4lb, 1/2oz jighead with a gulp 5" Smelt

Most of the action was in 35-45 metres. Care needs to be taken not to run over the dozens of commercial longline buoys that are out there (a topic for discussion another day). The upper Firth also delivered well from 40+ metres.

Now with the water temperature well over 19 deg C, the shallower waters of the channels should be delivering. Some good fish are in close to Rangitoto.

I have been fishing soft baits and lure finishing exclusively now for six years, finding it the most effective way to fish. One reason is that if you are drifting using a sea anchor and not catching fish it is a simple process to move to another location. Remember if the fish are not at 10m, then try 25m and 35m. that way you will find them... Click here for more


Keeping Fish Fresh

Fresh Fish

Keeping with the fishing theme we’ve included a few steps to making sure the fish you catch this summer stay fresh. A lot of people catch fish, leave them to die in their fish bins and four hours later end up with old slimy dead fish mixed in with their freshest catch. Safe to say the result isn’t pretty– so this is a way to avoid dealing with the smell and slime of a catch uncared for. For tips click here.

Christmas Hours

We will be closing early on Christmas Eve at 12pm and will be closed on Christmas Day so please ensure you're booked in early to get your boat put in the water. If you’re taking the boat away for the holiday please advise staff of the date you’re leaving and estimated date of return

Raw Fish Recipe

Recipe - Flick's Raw Fish

This quarter’s recipe comes courtesy of Flick at Trio. Got a great fish recipe you want to share? Send it in to Murray Dixon and if we print it, we’ll send you a bottle of wine! Click here for the recipe

Interested in becoming a member?

We would welcome your inquiry and invite you to come and have a look around our facilities. Contact Murray Dixon at murrayd@oramsmarine.co.nz for more info.

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