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11 Dec 2010

Orams Marine Village

Fishing for snapper in early December was lucrative with the warmer water temperatures and the schoolies gathering to spawn.

Most of the action was in 35 - 45 metres. Care needs to be taken not to run over the dozens of commercial longline buoys that are out there (a topic for discussion for another day).The upper Firth also delivered well from 40+ metres.

Now with the water temperature well over 19 deg C, the shallower waters of the channels should be delivering. Some good fish are in close to Rangitoto.

I have been fishing soft baits and lure fishing exclusively now for six years, finding it the most effective way to fish. One reason is that if you are drifting using a sea anchor and not catching fish it is a simple process to move to another location. Remember, if the fish are not at 10m, then try 25m and 35m. That way you will find them. Make sure you do have enough weight on your jighead to get to the bottom. The lightest line weight and jighead catches more fish, although the soft bait must be in the strike zone at the bottom- not jiggling around near the surface.

Have a great holiday season and good fishing!

These tips come courtesy of Berkley Pro Team’s Malcolm Dawson.

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